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Family2020:Children’s Family Biography gift for future generations

The hall mark of Helens' business is to raise self esteem in children, and prepare them for `the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' in a challenging world.

Writer, Interviewer, Photographer
Helen Shearar

What others have said about Family2020...

Gail We have found Family 2020 invaluable in bringing our family together, Taking time out and really enjoying our family was great ! It has not only benefited our children but it has encouraged the adults to talk about stories and memories we had never shared.
Susan It helped us to appreciate each other even more.
Liz My son enjoyed listening to stories of my own childhood most of all!
Amanda We have made a new family photo album as a result of Family2020. The children have loved to hear stories about us as children.
George “This is an alternative to an ASBO. Isn’t it ? “