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Family2020: Children’s Family Biography gift for future generations

The hall mark of Helens' business is to raise self esteem in children, and prepare them for `the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' in a challenging world
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Helen Shearar

Family2020 STORY CARDS......

Family2020……..towards building a happier families.

'When we have gone, your family memories will be treasured
by your children for future generations

eagle on family2020 sundialCollect your family stories using these story cards.
Simple and fun for the whole family to use.
Invaluable for future generations.
The story cards are especially good for family gatherings and family meal times,
and for visiting other family members, or for that very special gift special.

Schools, PTA’s, community groups, clubs, hospitals, care homes and ALL PARENTS will find these Family2020 Story Cards invaluable in building closer family bonds, and more resilient families. The cards are also designed to provide excellent tools for
professionals working in family and community workshops.

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Have fun !

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In an age when families are under considerable threat from breakdown, and many families have a sense of helplessness in counteracting undesirable influences on their children’s welfare these cards have been developed to preserve the best that each has to offer to a relationship, for the children.

Family2020cards are designed to bring positive changes to Families.
“Memory is the only gift that man can call his own”

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‘I can see clearly now, the pain has gone’
Johnny Nash

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